Zarząd Morskiego Portu Gdynia S.A.

Scope of the project:

The reconstruction of the Romanian Quay is part of a larger project aimed at upgrading and increasing the transhipment capacity of all quays of the Port of Gdynia that have not yet been modernized in recent years. This will improve the competitiveness of the entire Port of Gdynia in the Baltic Sea Region. The project will also involve more efficient use of the existing infrastructure on the quay and to provide smoother handling of cargo delivered by sea. This requires, among other things, reconstruction of the quay, railway system and network infrastructure. The project is divided into two phases.

The full scope of Phase I includes reconstruction of a 355.89 m long quay section and reconstruction of a 369.03 m long railway line section. (values in accordance with the indicators specified for measure 7.2. of the OPIE). The scope of the project is shown according to the technical documentation based on the guidelines for the environmental decision obtained for the investment.