Mobile medium voltage power system for ship supply from harbor waterfront as an element of ecological and economical gain of maritime transport

The project concerns the elaboration of a scalable S2SP (Shore to Ship Power) system consisting of a AC/DC substation, cable DC distribution system and mobile DC/AC terminals, localized on a waterfront depending on demands The terminal will be founded on the transportable platform and equipped with a cable feeding system for a ship supply. The mobile terminal will consist of an interchangeable switchgear, a matching transformer and a multilevel DC/AC power electronic converter. It will also feature the ability to auto-synchronize with ship electric grid and increase of S2SP system by means of parallel and series operating configurations. Planed for elaboration and experimental verification in 1:1 scale mobile solution of S2SP, will be the basis for unification and costs reduction of ship supply installations from harbor waterfront, reducing acoustic noise and emission of harmful substances as well as energy costs in comparison with traditional utilization of generating sets.

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