Development of the Bulgarian Quay Area in the Port of Gdynia


Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Total cost of project implementation:
107 539 970,22  PLN

Qualified expenses:
62 293 932,89  PLN

EU cofinanced value:
52 949 842,92  PLN

Realisation: 2013-2015

Project description

The investment is located in the West Port and will include the construction of missing sections of the Bulgarian Quay and the “ending” quay, the construction of roads and manoeuvring area along with over-ground and underground infrastructure as well as macro-levelling of the area (including land replacement). The development also includes the Chylonka river estuary along with the successive construction of the parking quay and new manoeuvring area. The investment is expected to stimulate the development of cargo. The investment is part of the TEN –T network.

Project objective

Handling capacity of Port of Gdynia shall be enhanced as a result of the construction of quays and manoeuvring and storage areas. The most important thing is to create favourable conditions for development and increase in handling, which shall result in an increase in competitiveness of the Polish ports in the Baltic Sea region. The project will also enable to establish new connections as part of the Motorways of the Sea.

EU funding

Project will be o-financed by the European Union Cohesion Fund wihin “The Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007 – 2013”

Source of fundings: Cohesion Fund.

ID: POIS.07.02.00-00-025/13,

Application: 28.06.2013,
Agreement signed: 30.12.2013

ANNEX No. POIS.07.02.00-00-025 / 13-01 was signed on 27th August 2015

Project value: 107 539 970,22 PLN,

EU co-financed value:: 52 949 842,92 PLN,

Duration of the project: 2013-2015,

Status: in progress

Technical specifications

construction of the Bulgarian Quay of the length of 192,4 rm,

construction of the “ending” quay of the length of 127.5 rm

construction of railway subgrade for shore cranes of the length of 192 rm,

construction of manoeuvring areas of 35,885 Sq m,

macro-levelling of the area (including land replacement) of ​​approximately 230,000 Sq m,

construction of the road (ul. Logistyczna) including traffic circle – the length of the section of about 1100 rm,

construction of infrastructure networks along the Logistyczna street and on the manoeuvring areas.


The investment started at september June 2013 and the whole investment is expected to be put into operation in the mid-year of 2015.

Schedule of actions, preparing documents and obtaining decisions

No. Tasks description Starting date
Closing date
1. Design work 2004 03’2013
2. Building permit 10’2012 01’2013
3. Application work 02’2013 12’2013
4. Tender documentation 01’2013 05’2013
5. Tender announcement 05,2013
6. Evaluation of tenders and acceptance of tender results 06’2013 08’2013
7. Signing a contract with the contractor 09’2013
8. Construction 09’2013 01’2015
9. Completion of the project 12’2015


Additional Information:

The Bulgarian Berth Quay (polski)

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