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Port ID:12589 UN Locator:PLGDY
Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Heavy-lift flo/flo ship Sun Rise, which can submerge so that another vessel can sail above its underwater deck owing to its ballast system, has been awaiting loading at anchorage No. 2 of the Port of Gdynia since 22 July.

Afterwards the heavy-lift ship empties its ballasts and, by means of raising, lifts its – previously floating – load. Sun Rise will be loaded at anchorage No. 2 by a floating deck called Marco Polo, manufactured by the Crist shipyard from Gdynia to the order of Bouygues Construction. The vessel will be used for the production of reinforced concrete caissons during the implementation of the increase of the land area of the Principality of Monaco.



The dock is currently undergoing sea trials, whereas the procedure of loading onto the Sun Rise ship is planned for 5 August. Let us add that one of the strength tests included submersion of the dock to a depth of approximately 20 meters.


 Marco Polo dock during a sea trial departure.


 Sun Rise heavy-lift ship ready to accept the dock at anchorage No. 2.