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Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Ninety-five years ago the Sejm of the Second Polish Republic decided to build a port in the rather obscure village of Gdynia, which had already been indicated as "a very good place to build a port" to King Władysław IV by Hetman Stanisław Koniecpolski and the Royal Engineer, Jan Pleitner.

On 23 September 1922, the Sejm made its decision: "The Government is authorised to make all necessary arrangements to construct the sea port in Gdynia in Pomerania as a public port." The decision, made ninety-five years ago, at the beginning of the Second Polish Republic, became a great symbol of the reborn state. The Port of Gdynia was established as a testimony to the economic potential and technical capacity of Poland at the time. Within a few years the Port of Gdynia became the largest port in the Baltic and one of the major ports in Europe, ahead of ports like Copenhagen, Bremen, Amsterdam, Genoa, Naples and Trieste.

The port, four years older than the city itself, has always been the essence and pride of Gdynia, and an opportunity for its further development. The port is connected with the traditions of Gdynia and prospects for the future. What distinguishes the port is its extraordinary adaptability, characterised by young and strong organisms. It all began with the port, and without the port we wouldn't see such rapid development in Gdynia – the city of the sea and dreams, and, above all... the port. From the very beginnings the city and the port were strongly connected, both depending on each other. Today, with the Gdynia Municipality now a shareholder in the port, the relations between port and city are even stronger. Most importantly – the Port of Gdynia is now one of the largest employers in the city, with every fifth person employed in Gdynia working in the port or with one the companies operating within its premises.

The Port of Gdynia keeps on changing its face – which is a continuation of the work done by the original port engineer, Tadeusz Wenda. Changes at the port are almost synonymous with... the construction of the new Port of Gdynia. Innovation has moved in for good and it is being built in partnership between Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. and the companies operating in its area.

"On the 95th anniversary of the Port of Gdynia, we will begin to carry out the next tasks that are essential for the further development of the port," said Adam Meller, CEO of Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. "First of all, we begin the construction of a new port turning basin and work on a new public ferry terminal. We still have to deepen the port basins and complete the most recent project – the External Port, which will be a great opportunity for the growth of the Port of Gdynia during the next decade...

The Port of Gdynia over 95 years