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Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

The volume of container transshipments at the Port of Gdynia is systematically growing, which results directly both from the great transshipment potential of Gdynia container terminals and effectiveness of their operations.


Also, there is a very ambitious plan to construct an External Port, which is to be a container terminal first of all. On 4 December in Marseilles, France, a working meeting of representatives of the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. including the President of the Board Adam Meller with representatives of CMA CGM, one of the world’s largest container carries, Jean-Yves Duval, Senior V-ce President Group Operations Procurements and Cost Efficiency and Franck Magarian, V-ce President Procurement Ports and Terminals was held. At the meeting the management of CMA CGM was shown both current potential of the Port of Gdynia as well as its nearest investment plans. Information regarding container transshipment at the Port of Gdynia were also presented, as well as its capacity to receive larger container vessels thanks to the enlarged basin of turntable no. 2. Modernization plans of the Internal Port though its dredging, widening of the port entrance and dredging of the access fairway have been explained. The most important investment of the Port of Gdynia, i.e. the External Port has been discussed, which raised great interest of the meeting hosts. The Port of Gdynia was assured that it will be included in the discussion on tightening cooperation in the field of handling connections of the Short Sea Shipping type.

The same day representatives of the Gdynia Port of Authority S.A. met with representatives of the Port of Marseille. The visit started at the ro-ro terminal, where modern ecological solutions providing electrical energy to vessels on-shore were shown. Representatives of PoGA S.A. had an opportunity to see and witness the operation of both the quay part of the installation and the solutions implemented on-board. This modern electrical energy supply system is a great step towards reduction of CO2 and other harmful substance emission to the atmosphere.

“It is worth underling that the Port of Marseille is similar to the Port of Gdynia in terms of its location – practically within the city borders”, stressed Adam Meller, President of the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. “All activities aiming at reducing harmful emissions take on a special meaning and fit the Port of Gdynia strategy of building the so-called Green and Smart Port. Experiences collected during such visits will translate in the future to similar solutions applied in our currently most important investment – construction of a new ferry terminal.

Next, representatives of the Port of Gdynia took part in the presentation of the Port of Marseille and solutions used there to supply electric energy to vessels, as well as technical solutions in this area presented by representatives of Schneider Electric. The meeting was an opportunity to tighten the relation between the ports, as both of them function within the TEN-T core network corridors.