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Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

On 16 June 2015, the Port of Gdynia Authority SA was visited by the Sejm Infrastructure Committee, with the Chairman and an MP - Stanisław Żmijan. The members of the Committee - Andrzej Adamczyk, Stanisław Lamczyk, Józef Racki, Kazimierz Smoliński, Jerzy Szmit, Teresa Świło met with the Board of the Company and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board - prof. dr hab. Andrzej Grzelakowski. The meeting was also attended - at the invitation of the Chairman of the Committee - Deputy Mayor of the City of Gdynia, Mr. Marek Stępa.

The Commission got acquainted with the information concerning the Company's operations, its financial results, as well as development projects of the Port of Gdynia. Particular attention was paid to the dependence of the possibilities of the port development from the completion of the central road and rail investments providing access to the Port.

Deputy Mayor of the City of Gdynia, Mr. Marek Stępa, presented the project of modernization of the E. Kwiatkowski Overpass in order to obtain parameters required for the transport of goods to/from the port within the European Union transport corridor Baltic - Adriatic. He also pointed out the urgent need to implement the so-called Red Road section in the extension of ul. Janka Wiśniewskiego, which is an alternative connection of the Port with the ring road of the Tri-City and the national road network. This investment, which is beyond the financial capacity of the Local Government of Gdynia (estimated cost of approx. 900 million PLN) practically determines the beginning of the modernization of Kwiatkowskiego Route.

Summing up the meeting and consequent discussion, the Chairman of the Committee admitted that the presented needs of the central road and rail investments are fully justified. These investments are essential both for ensuring the competitiveness of the port of Gdynia in the future, as well as for reduction of the inconvenience of transport to/from the port of Gdynia and Tri-City residents.