In accordance with the project, in 2022 we carried out a series of research works using an unmanned vessel equipped with specialized measurement equipment. One of the innovative solutions explored during the four research sessions was an automatic system for sampling water and bottom sediments. The next stage of the project’s work is three bathymetric sessions, performed in automatic mode by an unmanned vessel equipped with a state-of-the-art multi-century probe and sonar. The survey sessions are scheduled according to the following schedule:

Date: 13-14.03.2023

Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Norwegian, Czech wharves

2nd April session

Deadline: 17-18.04.2023

Quays: Rotterdam, Finland

3rd May session

Term: 15-16.05.2023

Quays: Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Norwegian, Czech.


If you are interested in participating in the measurements as observers, please contact the project coordinator Ms. Anna Solomon, via email  mpss@port.gdynia.pl

We will be pleased to share our experience with you!

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