Quay Reconstruction in Port of Gdynia. Stage I Romanian Quay – phase I”

On 10 October 2014, in the Port of Gdynia Authority SA headquarters, the representatives of the Authority and the representatives of Strabag Sp. z o.o. concluded an agreement on construction works within the framework of the “Quay Reconstruction in Port of Gdynia – Stage I Romanian Quay, phase I” project.

Strabag’s bid was deemed the most favourable in the open tender, and it amounted to the net total of nearly 45 million zlotys. The reconstruction deadline is set forth in the agreement to be 13 months of its signing date. “Quay Reconstruction in Port of Gdynia – Stage I Romanian Quay, phase I” is yet another large project of the Port of Gdynia Authority SA, which has applied for co-financing from the EU Cohesion Fund. The project has three stages. The undertaking is listed among the current individual projects for the OP Infrastructure and Environment 2007—2013. The reconstruction of the Romanian Quay is the first stage of the EU project.

The Port of Gdynia Authority SA has decided to carry out the project located in Basin V of the port in two phases. The full scope of the Romanian Quay reconstruction project (Phases I and II) includes a 634.13 metre section of the quay (from the head of the pier and inside Basin V), and the 610.53 metre long railway in the 1st zone of the quay, along with the reconstruction of the underground infrastructure required (power grid, and water and sewage system). Phase I of the investment, which is the subject of the agreement, includes:

  • the reconstruction of the 355.89 metre long hydraulic structure on the quay;
  • dredging works to the depth of 13.5 metres (no bottom reinforcement);
  • the reconstruction of the required section of the existing road/rail system;
  • the reconstruction of the sewage, rainwater, water supply, and power systems within the quay reconstruction zone;

The construction works will be finished in November 2015, and putting into operation is scheduled for 1 January 2016.

The undertaking is a part of a bigger project aiming at the modernisation of the quays in the Port of Gdynia, and the increase in the handling capacity of the quays which have not been modernised recently (stages II and III). Adjusting the parameters of the infrastructure to the changing technology and market conditions, and making it possible to harbour and moor for vessels with the 13.5 metre depth requirement, with the possibility of executing further dredging works to 15.5 metres, is one of the main conditions for the Port of Gdynia to retain its position in the key loading sectors.

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