Regarding to the successful completion of the research and development project titled “Marine Port Surveillance and Observation System Using Mobile Unmanned Research Units”, we are proud to announce its successful completion, we are proud to announce its success and significant contribution to the development of the maritime industry and the development of unmanned technologies in Poland.


As part of the project, a team of experts, including a significant number of women scientists, conducted advanced research, including bathymetric measurements, sonar surveys, and automatic bottom and water sampling, which formed the basis for recommending technical standards and verifying the ability of government entities to obtain research accreditation.


One of the key achievements of the project is the registration of the first unmanned unit in Poland and the granting of a seaworthiness certificate, which is a breakthrough in the unmanned unit sector.


To summarize and make widely available the results of our research, we have published a monograph that describes in detail the course of the project and its key findings. To celebrate the completion of the project, we are offering a limited number of free copies of the book. To receive the monograph, please contact the project coordinator, Anna Solomon, at email: mpss@port.gdynia.pl.


Port of Gdynia Authority S.A., as the Project Leader, is proud of the achievements of the project and grateful for the cooperation of all partners. We believe that our joint efforts will contribute to the further development of innovative technologies for the protection of the marine environment and the efficiency of seaports in Poland and around the world.




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