Members of the MPSS project implementation team, were invited to Shanghai for a global conference on integration and innovation to promote the green and smart development of the port industry. During the event, the MPSS project and its achievements to date were widely presented and discussed. This proves that our efforts to develop into a smart and eco port are recognized not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world. The project, which we are implementing together with Partners from Poland and Norway, is recognized in Asian countries, which are the most modern seaports of the world. The opportunity to participate and present our results to date at the event, allows us to share our experience and knowledge of autonomous solutions used in the world’s largest ports. The transfer of knowledge and technology, of which we are participants, allows us to improve the existing solutions implemented as part of the MPSS project and gives us extensive knowledge that will allow us to further develop the unmanned platform sector in Poland.


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