Date of publication 30.12.2022

On 30 December 1888, Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski was born – Minister of Industry and Trade (1926-1930), Minister of the Treasury (1935-1939) of the Second Republic of Poland, considered one of the most distinguished figures for the development of the city of Gdynia and the port of Gdynia.

In 2022, the centenary celebrations were enhanced by the official unveiling of a piece of small architecture – a bronze sculpture in the form of a bench, with the figures of the port builders: Tadeusz Wenda and Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski. Everyone will have the opportunity to sit and take a commemorative photo next to them. The commemorative bench stands at the end of Pilot Quay and will be a permanent feature of the local landscape, accessible to all. Pilot Groyne is a publicly accessible place of unique value, frequented by residents of Gdynia and tourists alike, where you can feel the atmosphere of a real seaport. It is the second such prestigious place after the Pomorskie Quay in the Port of Gdynia.

A walk will take place in Gdynia, leading through the vantage points of Grabówek, Działki Leśne and Śródmieście, which are also the route of Gdynia as first seen by Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski.

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