Zarząd Morskiego Portu Gdynia S.A.

The project consists of the two following tasks:

Task 1 “Deepening of the fairway and internal sea areas of the Port of Gdynia – stages 1 and 3”

The planned project will be implemented in three stages by two investors – Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. (Stages 1 and 3) and the Maritime Office in Gdynia (Stage 2, which is not described below).

- Stage 1: The reconstruction of turning basin No. 2 up to a diameter of 480 m in the Dock IX area, and the associated construction works resulting from the necessity of relocating the floating dock of the Naval Shipyard. To construct a new turning basin No. 2 it is necessary to demolish Pier No. III (Gościnne Quay) at a length of approx. 240 m and the head of Pier No. II at a length of approx. 25 m, on the premises of the Naval Shipyard. The floating dock will be relocated to the existing slip recess in the corner of the Southern II and Western Quays. Due to the characteristics of the existing structure and the designed dock through, it will be necessary to completely redevelop the existing recess, while preserving a similar conceptual layout of the structure. Furthermore, the dredging works up to the height of -13.50 m in the turning basin area, will be conducted.

- Stage 3: The performance of dredging works up to the height of -16.00 m in the port channel (increasing the depth by 2.5 m from the present -13.5 m). Furthermore, extension of the internal opening of the port on the Oksywska Groyne side (by approx. 20-50 m – in variants). Due to the extensive deepening of the Channel it will be necessary to reconstruct the adjoining quays, whose structures do not facilitate such a depth. Conducting the dredging work up to the height of -16.00 m might also require the transferring/securing of underwater cables and pipelines.

Task 2 “The redevelopment of quays in the Port of Gdynia – stages 2 and 3”

The planned project will include two stages:

- Stage 2 entails the redevelopment of the Indian Quay – the Redevelopment of the Indian Quay in the section up to 550 m from Norwegian Quay, with a maximum water outlet of up to 7.5 m and the technical depth of -15.5 m, to adapt the quay to service bigger ships.

- Stage 3 will concern the redevelopment of the Helskie Quay –the Redevelopment of the Helskie Quay at a length of 965 m, aimed at reaching a technical depth on the quay of up to -15.5 m and retrofitting the quay with container crane track with a gauge of 30 m.

Task 2, implemented in 2014-2020 under stages 2 and 3, will constitute the continuation of Stage 1 of this project, which includes the reconstruction of the Romanian Quay, and is being implemented in the 2007-2013 financial perspective.


The Maritime Office in Gdynia, as part of Task No. 1, will implement Stage 2 of the project, i.e. “Deepening of the fairway and internal sea areas of the Port of Gdynia”. Stage 2 – Deepening of the fairway”. At this stage, work will include the deepening of the port fairway, up to the heads of the breakwater, i.e. outside the area of the port of Gdynia. The fairway runs from GD buoys, G1-G2 buoys, to the main opening with a width of 150 m. The fairway depth is to equal -17.00 m, and its parameters will be adapted to service 58-metre-wide ships.

The deepening of the fairway is necessary to facilitate the entry of ships with a greater draught to the Port. The division of works under the investment task results from legal regulations, while the functional investment task is a single endeavour, which should be implemented in a coherent way, and in close cooperation of the involved entities.

The scope of the project includes:

1. The deepening of the fairway to the Port of Gdynia up to the height of 17.00 m (to the heads of the breakwater);

2. The extension of the fairway up to 280 m (along a length of 3734 m);

3. Securing the route of the optical fibre on the designed fairway width;

4. Securing/redeveloping the port opening, while preserving the width of the main opening at 150 m.