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Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

The "MOSES” project  

(Motorway of the Sea European Style)

The project was being implemented under the Sixth Framework Programme. The project started on 01 June 2007, and its planned completion date was May 2010. Unfortunately, starting on 14 December 2008, the European Commission suspended the implementation and financing of the project due to being dissatisfied with the course of work conducted under the project by project partners.


The primary objective of the project was to prepare an action plan, detailed criteria and create conditions and innovative methods for the development of Motorways of the Sea as parts of the Trans-European Transport Corridors (TEN-T).

The MOSES concept was intended to contribute to increasing the use of Short Sea Shipping in the European Union by 30% by 2020. The work conducted within the project was to focus mainly on creating, testing, implementing, controlling and estimating economic, technical, operational and legal & organisational conditions facilitating the development of motorways of the sea. Project results were to be adopted by the European Commission as a basis for the development and implementation of motorways of the sea in Europe.

41 partners from 15 countries participated in the project, including consulting companies, universities, ports and sea carriers. MARINTEK from Norway acted as the leader and coordinator of the project. Furthermore, DG TREN of the European Commission was supervising the project.


The project was divided into 4 sub-projects (SP), under which the individual measures were to be conducted within 52 work packages.

SP 1 - Project management

SP2 - Building Business Concepts

SP 3 - Testing and implementing the Business Concepts

SP 4 - Monitoring, Control, Improvement and concept integration

MOSES was a comprehensive and ambitious project with a pan-European reach. The Port of Gdynia was one of the main ports in the Baltic Sea Region, which participated in the project, and in which the projects results were to be tested and implemented. Taking into account the efforts of the Port of Gdynia as regards granting the Motorway of the Sea status, the active participation in the project was significant.



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