Zarząd Morskiego Portu Gdynia S.A.

The primary purpose of deepening of the fairway and internal sea areas of the Port of Gdynia, and of redeveloping the quays is to facilitate calling at port to much larger ships, up to 400 m long, 58 m wide and a draught of up to 15 m (the current maximum draught is 13 m), as well improvement of navigational conditions and safety of hydro-engineering structures. Currently, such big vessels can only call at the external part of the Port of Gdynia, and only if unloaded, which translates into the offering and effectiveness of sea transport being less attractive. The planned deepening is also associated with the reconstruction of hydro-engineering structures of the selected quays, to facilitate the parameters of large ship calling and servicing parameters.

The project will contribute to increasing the transshipment levels in the terminals of the Port of Gdynia, and therefore to making the Port of Gdynia more competitive in the Baltic Sea area and the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor of the Transeuropean Transport Network TEN-T1. The Port of Gdynia sea container, ro-ro, and ferry connections with the European network of motorways, expressways and railway routes. The project will contribute to the achievement of the adopted specific objectives of the aforementioned task under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020 by improving the navigational parameters of the port. This will make it possible for larger container and bulk ships to call and moor at the port and to service them. As a result of using larger ships, the cost of transport of a single container and one tonne of bulk cargo will decrease. This concerns, economic costs, which will improve the competitiveness of sea transport as the most eco-friendly form of transport, as well as environmental costs, by decreasing pollutant emissions and noise per unit of cargo. Project implementation is an activity which will contribute to improving the competitiveness of sea ports, improving sea safety and reducing environmental pollution.