Zarząd Morskiego Portu Gdynia S.A.

Project description

The planned investment project involving construction and reconstruction of road and rail infrastructure in the eastern part of the Port of Gdynia is located along the 4th Dock, in the north part of the City Centre (Śródmieście) of Gdynia. The project is being implemented in the area of Polska St., the Marine Station and the second zone of Polish Quay.

The investment has modernised the connection between the East Port and the international transportation system via A1 Motorway, by using the following layout of streets and routes: Polska St. – Janka Wiśniewskiego St. – Kwiatkowski Route – Tri-City Bypass – A1 Motorway.

The project "Infrastructure of road and rail access to the eastern part of the Port of Gdynia" consists of two stages:

Stage I: Road access

Stage II: Railway and road access (with road elements)

Scope of the project

The subject of the completed Phase I, in which construction works were accepted on 29 December 2009, included the following tasks:

  1. Reconstruction and extension of Polska St. in Gdynia:
  2. Reconstruction of Chrzanowskiego St. and Wendy St. and the parking lot:
  3. Construction of a parking lot for trucks at Chrzanowskiego St.:


The following tasks remain to be carried out under Phase II:

  1. Reconstruction of Polska St. on the section from the Chrzanowskiego St. roundabout to Gombrowicz Square, including the square, and construction of a road and railway surface from the viaduct at the Solidarity Avenue to the vicinity of the Polska St. roundabout from Chrzanowskiego St.:
  2. Construction of a parking lot for cars with 33 parking spaces at 5 Celna St. together with reconstruction of underground utilities.