Date of publication 05.08.2022

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. stands in the vanguard of Baltic ports with the signing of a contract to implement the digital information management platform ‘Digital Twin of the Port of Gdynia’.  This is another major step towards the digitalisation of project processes at the port.

On 5 August 2022, the Port of Gdynia signed a contract for the “Implementation of a platform for the management of integrated digital information – the Digital Twin of the Port of Gdynia”.

The platform, built according to the Digital Twin philosophy and using BIM methodology, is a digital representation of a map of physically existing facilities that integrates GIS geographical data (including hydrographic data) with BIM spatial data in a single environment.

The twin port system provides a digital representation of current, historical and future configurations of port infrastructure assets with associated information on their condition and performance. The platform allows data to be shown in a flat or three-dimensional perspective and provides the possibility to integrate spatial data with existing digital documentation (digitised technical documents) for a single element, facility or project (according to the principle from general to detail). The map of objects on the platform is linked to i.a. technical documentation (taking into account different file formats) that can be linked from internal and external data sources, which are necessary for the management and operation of the existing port infrastructure. Access to the platform allows the management of technical documentation through the entire life cycle of the facility from the concept stage through the design, implementation and operation and maintenance phases. The platform allows for the storage of the facility’s history, such as the design combined with periodic inspections of the technical condition of the infrastructure, a digital reflection of the Building Log Book.

The CDE (Common Data Environment), a central data repository (the heart of information management), is responsible for information management. A single view of the entire infrastructure and documentation makes it possible to take timely measures to prevent failures – for example, current and archived visualisation of the bottom at quays will make it easier to detect the formation of shallows or hollows.

The platform uses cloud computing solutions (modern IT technology for data processing and storage) and, thanks to multi-level security, provides information protection at the level of solutions used by banks.


“The platform for managing integrated digital information is one of the many works related to the automation of business processes at the Port of Gdynia. “The Digital Twin of the Port of Gdynia will enable efficient planning, analysis, centralisation of data, and the mobile application will provide remote access to data, which will make it easier and faster to carry out tasks in the Port,” explains Jacek Sadaj, president of the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.


The platform is tailored to the user’s needs and also allows functionality to be extended with new modules that may emerge during use. A consortium of HydroBIM sp. z o.o., Stowarzyszenie BIM, Skan 3D Szymon Bloch is responsible for the implementation.



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