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Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. has launched the tender for the participants of the Competitive Dialogue for potential private partners for the project “Construction of the Outer Port in the Port of Gdynia” under the Public-Private Partnership scheme.



The Port of Gdynia is a node of the TEN-T core network and the entry point of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor, the extension of which connects Gdynia with Sweden via Gdynia-Karlskrona Motorway of the Sea. Port of Gdynia is known. Intra-European logistic hub.The modern infrastructure of the port and its terminals is used by world and Europe largest shipping operators, including MSC, Hapag-Lloyd, Unifeeder, Containerships, MacAndrews, Transfennica, Finnlines-Grimaldi and Stena Line. Expansion of the Port of Gdynia is needed and possible thanks to its steady growth in transshipments and good forecasts for the coming years. The value of investments made and commenced in the last 3 years is over PLN 1 billion. The greatest goal is also the Outer Port.

  1. Outer Port in Port of Gdynia is a planned infrastructural investment, undertaken by the Port of Gdynia Authority (PGA).
  2. The main part of the project is to build a new pier in the Port of Gdynia. Total area of the new part of the port will be around 150 hectares. A container terminal will be the main functionality of the infrastructure. Terminal will be capable of handling Baltmax class vessels, including vessels larger than those currently in use, so even up to 430 metres in length.
  3. Concept of the project had been developed in 2018 and was updated several times later on, but main functionality and general shape of the project is still the same. In the 2019 PGA has started a new phase of the project: PGA had chosen the team of experts on the fields of law, transport infrastructure, finances, economy etc. to play a role of Transactional Advisor of the Project.
  4. The first stage of the advisory work was to prepare an Appraisal Report. The goal of the Report was to evaluate the efficiency and the optimal scheme of the Project.
  5. The Appraisal Report of the Project has confirmed the market justification for its implementation as well as its potential for its procurement as a private-public partnership.
  6. The next level of the advisory works is the Feasibility Study, which is going to be finished by the end of November 2020.
  7. In the recent weeks, the PGA was working together with polish ministries on the project of act  which provides for  an outright transfer of EUR 150 million of the government funds in the form of a recapitalisation to the Port of Gdynia Authority SA. These funds will be allocated to the construction of breakwaters necessary for the operation of the Outer Port.
  8. The abovementioned act had been approved by the President of the Republic of Poland and is already in force.
  9. Parallelly, PGA have been working on the research and analytical work within the scope of  the environmental impact assessment of the Project. PGA is expecting to receive the official environmental approval by the end of H1 2021.
  10. Before that, in November 2020, PGA will launch the tender procedure  for election of the private partner – which will also become a future operator of the terminal in the Outer Port.
  11. Terminal in the Outer Port in the Port of Gdynia will be ready to operate as soon as 2028.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in the project and have any questions about it.  We are convinced that the key success factor of our Project is its comprehensive preparation, already advanced at the moment (completed Project appraisal –highly evaluated by the Ministry of Finance, Development Funds and Regional Policy, the Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment in progress), provision of funds for the implementation of the necessary maritime and land access infrastructure.



Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. is preparing the tender for the participants of the Competitive Dialogue for potential private partners for the project “Construction of the Outer Port in the Port of Gdynia” under the Public-Private Partnership scheme.

The abovementioned project is a strategic investment of the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A., and is enlisted in the Polish government’s Seaports Development Program. The project consists of the construction of a new deep-water container terminal with an annual transshipment capacity of 2.5 million TEU. The new facility will enable Baltmax size container ships to call the Port of Gdynia.

The Outer Port project is being prepared in the Public-Private Partnership scheme. PPP provides an increased flexibility to the project, thanks to the procedure of Competitive Dialogue, after which the project’s model will be developed, and will include the conclusions of the Dialogue. The Dialogue will cover issues like, risk management, technical parameters, financing and others.

In the case of such investments, cooperation between the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A., whose role is to create appropriate conditions for road and rail access to the port, and the private partner ensuring the success of the entire project, is crucial. The private partner must be a world-class operator that will be able to attract cargo trade to the Port of Gdynia

- Maciej Ziomek, Associate Partner at EY Transaction Advisory Services Transport & Infrastructure Sectors Leader

The PPP formula allows to take advantage of the capital, know-how and experience of the private sector in financing public services and investments. On the other hand, public entity, so in this project – Port of Gdynia Authority – will share its knowledge and experience within the administrative and organizational issues of the project, which are specific to a particular country. PGA will also provide research data and reports, and will be responsible for building the new breakwaters system, which will protect not only the new pier of the Outer Port, but also for the entire Port of Gdynia. According to the “public-private partnership development policy” adopted by the Polish Government, the Port of Gdynia Authority, intends to carry out its strategic investment increasing the port’s cargo handling potential and boosting its competitive position in the Baltic Sea.

Subsequent investment stages could not happen without port-related legislative support. In the 2019, the special act on the outer ports had been developed. It creates more favourable law environment for the project, as it helps to ease some of necessary administrative decisions.

Parallelly to the Outer Port project, PGA will develop the project related to the new breakwaters of the Port of Gdynia. In October 2020, creation of the breakwaters was included in the special act, as an investment, that will help prevent the country’s economy from the impact of the covid19 pandemic. Funds of 650 million Euro are provided for the PGA, which means PGA will be able to ensure the necessary access infrastructure for the Outer Port.

Also, land access infrastructure is currently being developed by Polish State Railways – a nationwide railways operator.

Not only the Port of Gdynia will benefit from the implementation of the project. The Outer Port will have a positive impact on the city of Gdynia, for the country and for regional business.

The total outlay of the project is estimated at ca 900 million Euro. The project is scheduled for completion by 2028.