Date of publication 10.11.2022

104th anniversary of independence

 #NiepodległaOdMorza… #IndependentFromtheSea… to the Tatra Mounta

Poland without its own seacoast and without its own fleet will never be either united, autonomous, economically and politically independent, respected in the great family of states and nations, or able to secure the conditions of existence, progress work and prosperity for its citizens.

Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, builder of the port and the city of Gdynia



Continuing last year’s tradition, the Port of Gdynia will celebrate Independence Day with an illumination of #NiepodległaOdMorza. The hashtag will be visible on the vessel Dar Pomorza, moored at Pomeranian Quay on Friday 11 November from 16:30 to 22:00. Independence Day is particularly important to us in our anniversary year, as the Port of Gdynia was established as a living showcase for Poland at that time. The creation of the Port of Gdynia became the key to the rapid development of both the city and Poland as a whole.

On this occasion, we invite you to celebrate together by participating in the photo competition “Niepodległa od Morza” (“Independent from the Sea”).

To participate, you need to take a photo with #NiepodległaOdMorza, which will be displayed on the Dara Pomorza. The three most interesting entries will win port souvenirs! The photo should be uploaded to social media (Facebook, Instagram), adding #NiepodległaOdMorza and tagging the official Port of Gdynia channel (@portgdynia, @portgdyniaofficial). Photos can be uploaded until 20.11.2022.

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