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Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

With 10 months of the year 2019 behind, the Port of Gdynia is observing fantastic results. The newest statistics show that cargo handling volume growth rate is very high and regards nearly every group of cargo. In total the Port of Gdynia has exceeded the level of 20 million tons of cargo. Cargo handling of petroleum products grew by 9.4% (134 thousand tons), of coal and coke by as much as 15.5% (321.7 thousand tons), cereal by 4.8% (118 thousand tons), general cargo by 2.7% (313 thousand tons), and transport of other bulk cargo grew by 11.4% (129.3 thousand tons).

A great achievement of the Port of Gdynia is handling containers counted in TEU. In the first 10 months of 2019 it was 750.439 thousand tons, which is an increase by 13% (86.563 tons) as compared to the same period last year. Keeping this pace, container turnover will reach as much as 900 000 TEU by the end of 2019, and handling of all cargo groups will reach 24 million tons.

It is also worth comparing cargo handling volumes of the Port of Gdynia with the Port of Hamburg: container handling increase pace is greater in Gdynia by more than 6% from cargo handling in Hamburg in the first 10 months of this year. It is a significant difference, and will be even larger…

The Port of Gdynia carries out a key investment for the European market of logistic services, in a public-private partnership. On artificial land, on the basis of existing quays: Śląskie and Szwedzkie, a deep-water Outer Port will be built, reaching out past the present protective breakwater, increasing the port surface by 151 ha and its cargo handling capabilities by 2.5 million TEU!