Port ID:12589 UN Locator:PLGDY
Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

The Port of Gdynia Authority S.A., understanding how important it is for a maritime economy to provide broadly understood security, organized drills code-named “Port 2019”, in close cooperation with other entities active on the port area. The crisis management drills related to rescue operations in case of an environmental disaster were initiated by PoGA S.A security units. The drills had an unprecedented scale, as they were attended by the following forces and resources:
  1. Port Fire Service PoGA S.A.;
  2. PGZ Stoczni      Wojennej Spółka z o.o.;
  3. Maritime Search and Rescue Services SAR (Morskie Służby Poszukiwania i      Ratownictwa SAR);
  4. 3. Ship Flotilla;
  5. Navy Port Command;
  6. DELFIN R.M. Spółka      z o.o.
Also, the drills were conducted in a manner assuming only a frame plan of events (the event results were defined), which in combination with unpredictable weather and difficult weather conditions made the drills really close to real rescue operations.
The drills coordinated by security structures of PoGA were a perfect opportunity to check in practice the operating procedures of particular entities in case of a threat to sea environment. They also gave a chance for services appointed by military and non-military structures to cooperate.

The event will result in improved operating procedures providing a more efficient cooperation of services responsible for port security.