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Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.


The Company was awarded in three categories - Good Company, Good Employer and ECO Company, receiving the title of Laureate in each of them. Above-standard activities related to the implementation of the principles of Responsible Business in a wide area of activity, both in internal and external structures, were assessed.


The award - Social Responsibility Leaders 2021, testifies to the consistent and professional implementation of the idea of sustainable development by the Company. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly being integrated into the core business of enterprises.


“I am very pleased that we can count Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. among the winners of the Social Responsibility Leaders program, organized by our editorial office. This award shows how important it is to help others, which is also what we are trying to encourage other entrepreneurs to do through our programme. Once again, my congratulations to the entire Port of Gdynia Authority,” says Anna Biszkowiecka, member of the Social Responsibility Leaders Chapter and Editor-in-Chief of ForumBiznesu.pl. 


The latest survey of the Responsible Business Forum - Poland's largest non-governmental organisation dealing with sustainable development, indicates a definite increase in importance of CSR in Polish companies (9 out of 10 CSR managers say so), where the integration of principles of broadly understood social responsibility with business operations is more and more visible.


The growth is influenced, among others, by regulations and activities at the EU level, mentioned by almost half of the managers as a factor determining the popularisation of the sustainable development idea.


As a result of EU regulations, CSR is increasingly finding its way into meetings of Management Boards and Supervisory Boards. Not under the CSR banner but under the acronym ESG, which stands for standards and indicators measuring the company's impact on the environment (Environmental), on society (Social) and its approach to corporate governance (Corporate Governance). When evaluating companies, investors are already asking more and more about ESG issues, especially climate risk management.


Research indicates that the role of environmental and social topics in Polish business will grow over the next five years. Mainly because the importance of social and environmental responsibility of companies for potential investors and business partners will increase.


The Port of Gdynia Authority, which enjoys record results, shares the good it receives and supports the local community as part of sustainable development. In keeping with the idea of Acting Globally - Supporting Locally, the Port of Gdynia initiates actions aimed at improving the quality of life of its inhabitants in various age groups.


It has become a tradition that on its birthday Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. prepares a gift for the youngest. On the occasion of the 98th birthday, two new stands were donated to the EXPERYMENT Science Centre, whose goal is to support activities aimed at developing a knowledge-based economy, dissemination of Polish technical achievements and popularization of technology and modern technologies. Three Port Master simulators funded on the occasion of the Birthday of the Port of Gdynia enjoy great interest. Thanks to the stations, visitors can learn about the work of a port dispatcher who supervises and directs traffic in the port area. This is an expression of the desire to familiarize young people with the specificity of the port's activity, encourage them to choose schools and colleges with maritime profile in order to educate qualified staff and maritime industry experts. 


Port of Gdynia is the initiator of the #dzielmysiędobrem #letssharethegood campaign, the idea of which is to engage companies in supporting the local community at a particularly exceptional time, which is the pandemic.


Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. donated respirators and laboratories for detecting the SARS-Cov-2 virus to hospitals in Gdynia, which inspired other local companies to join the #dzielmysiedobrem campaign. Partners of the campaign include: Invest Komfort S.A., Torus, Porta KMI Poland, Corleonis Sp. Z o.o. S.K.A., Korporacja Budowlana Doraco Sp. Z o.o. , Cemet, Hass Holding Capital Group( consisting of, among others, companies: Korporacja Budowlana Doraco, Doraco Nieruchomości, and Euroafrica Services Branch in Poland), Polska The Times - Dziennik Bałtycki, and recently Lotos Group has also joined. 


The most distinguished members of the local community have not been forgotten. The elderly from the Association of the World Home Army Association, with whom PoGA S.A. has been cooperating for years, supporting statutory activities, as well as participants of the Warsaw Uprising living in Gdynia, were taken care of. Necessary articles and goods were delivered to people who were in the group of increased risk of illness and severe course of COVID -19, which made it impossible for them to leave home on their own. The campaign was joined by many other companies and organizations, thanks to which the initiative continues to grow and may be continued also in 2021.


The players of "Baltyk" Sports Club also joined the #dzielmysiedobrem action. The athletes playing on the first team joined the pre-Christmas action of delivering meals to the veterans of the World Home Army Association living in Gdynia, bringing smiles on their faces, often much more valuable than material goods. 


The local sports community rises to the challenge and as part of the initiative "Get inspired with Sharks Port Gdynia', the players of the team will give many motivational lessons showing the strength and will to fight over decades giving examples of heroes from different periods of our history. With the number of vaccinated people increasing and the number of infected people decreasing, the athletes will want to re-energize the spirit of competition in the citizens of Gdynia. Port Gdynia actively supports Gdynia women's basketball and raises the bar higher and higher every year. Investment in sports development and promotion of active lifestyle can be seen in the results of such local clubs as VBW Arka Gdynia and Gdynia Basketball Association. With the Port's involvement, the VBW Arka Gdynia club over the years has won: 12 Polish Championship titles, 8 Polish Cups and two Euroleague vice-championships. Thanks to consistently developed cooperation, the clubs managed to build a training pyramid that allows to find and develop basketball talents from the Tri-City and surrounding areas.


During the pandemic computers became an integral part of our lives at the home quarantine due to the requirement of online learning. Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. decided to donate another 79 sets of computers for use by Municipal Social Care Centres in the Pomeranian Province so that children can attend online classes and continue their education despite the conditions.


The Port of Gdynia was recognized for its #dzielmysiedobrem #letssharethegood action in the report "100 companies, organizations and initiators who have taken social action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020". It was especially recognized for precisely matching its actions to emerging needs in the surrounding environment. The key to selecting entities for the report became the degree of their recognition through audiences, media and publicly available reports. The report is to become an inspiration for other companies and organizations that are still looking for their way, so that they can draw on the experience of all those who have already implemented their projects. 


The idea of green port is extremely important in the development strategy of the Port of Gdynia. For years, the Port of Gdynia has been using environmentally friendly technologies compliant with EU standards within the green port idea, which contribute to maximizing quality and efficiency - all for the sake of sustainable development.


LNG bunkering: the process of bunkering of vessels in the Port of Gdynia with LNG fuel, which has been implemented and is being carried out, contributes to reducing emissions of harmful products of fuel combustion in comparison to the traditional fuel used in shipping. Thanks to LNG, compared to Heavy Fuel Oil (HVO), we obtain the following results: reduction of CO2 by 25%, reduction of sulphur oxides SO2 by nearly 100%, reduction of nitrogen oxides NOx by about 90%, reduction of particulate matter by about 99%.


 Charging stations on Energa light poles: this innovative solution will allow charging electric cars, scooters or bicycles from a station installed directly on a light pole.


yetiSense system: specialized sensors installed in the Port of Gdynia as part of a comprehensive system that monitors air quality around the clock, especially the level of coal dust emissions generated by cargo handling.


Public Ferry Terminal: the location of a new ferry terminal in close proximity to the entrance/exit of the port will definitely shorten the time of sailing and navigation of vessels in the port, and thus will have a positive impact on the environment due to significantly lower fuel consumption. With the implementation of the investment within the framework of sustainable development, from 2021 it will be possible to power ships during the stoppage from land, which will result in a total reduction of exhaust fumes. 


GBAS-RTK: makes it possible to determine the position of vessels with an accuracy of a few millimetres, vessel manoeuvring is smoother, the pilots make far fewer sudden movements of the steering wheel, which significantly reduces fuel consumption used to power the vessel.


Electrification: will improve the operation of the shore-side Intermodal Container Terminal transport by eliminating atmospheric pollution. As a result, there will be no need to change from electric to diesel traction and traffic control will be automated, reducing emissions.












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