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Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Today, the Port of Gdynia is a huge construction site. Apart from a number of investments carried out by the Port of Gdynia Authority, such as the construction of the Public Ferry Terminal, rebuilding of quays and deepening of port inner areas or widening the entrance to the port to 140 m, as many as 115 km of tracks are currently being rebuilt within the Port of Gdynia as part of a giant investment by PKP PLK. The contract "Improvement of railway access to the seaport in Gdynia" is worth PLN 1829500000 gross, i.e. PLN 1529280253.96 net. The contractor is Budimex S.A.

The investment also includes electrification of access to the port gates. As much as 356 new turnouts will ensure efficient handling of train compositions. Trains in the Port of Gdynia will be supervised by the new local control centre. The reconstruction will cover 13 km of roads. Two railroad and road crossings will be modernised. Railway communication will be streamlined by e.g. construction of 2 railway viaducts and reconstruction of the bridge. The investments will significantly improve the conditions for transporting goods by rail. Longer (740 m) and heavier (22.5 tons per axle) machines will be handled.

Currently, at the Gdynia Port station, works on drainage, construction of the water supply system and sanitary sewage system are continued. The old overhead contact line and railway traffic control system are being dismantled. Over 54 km of old tracks and almost 100 turnouts have already been removed to be replaced with the new infrastructure. The new turnouts will enable the trains to pass smoothly from track to track. More than 150 thousand sleepers and more than 10 km of rails have been prepared for the first stage of the new track system construction.

Investments improving rail access to the Port of Gdynia are aimed at increasing the capacity of rail connections, shortening the time of cargo handling and increasing the level of safety of rail traffic and transported goods. Improved rail access to the western part of the port is also a milestone in providing access to the planned External Port.

The total value of projects in the Tricity ports amounts to over PLN 2.6 billion net, of which almost 40% is EU funding - from the funds of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The works are planned to be completed by the end of 2021.

The year 2019 was another year in a row to beat the record cargo handling at the Port of Gdynia. The total amount of handled cargo exceeded 24 million tonnes. Also, in the first quarter of 2020, the Port of Gdynia was the only Polish port to maintain an upward trend. Parallel to the record-breaking cargo handling in the area of the Port of Gdynia, a number of key investments are being carried out, including preparation of the largest of them, i.e. the construction of the External Port.

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