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Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Another important step in the construction of the External Port in Gdynia has been taken. We have just successfully closed a technical dialog - a very important preparatory stage – with the participation of 13 entities from various industries.

The aim of the technical dialog was to obtain information from potential stakeholders of the project in scope of the construction concept of the External Port at the Port of Gdynia. The talks regarded mainly the newest, most advantageous and best technical, technological, legal, executive, organizational, trade, economic and logistic solutions. Solutions developed were handed over directly to the design studio responsible for the preparation of the final version adjustment of the External Port concept.

“The construction of the External Port is a key investment that fits into the Programme for the Development of Polish Seaports to 2020 (with perspective to 2030). This is also the largest investment in the modern history of the Port of Gdynia, whose objective is to increase the port’s cargo handling capacities and strengthen its competitive position in the Baltic Sea region”, underlines Adam Meller, President of the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

“We, the staff of the Port of Gdynia, are all fully determined to implement this ambitus investment project successfully”, he adds.

Let us remind you that the concept of the External Port is the basis for the port’s efficient operation in the future. The investment will strengthen its cargo handling capacity and will grant the Port of Gdynia competitive advantage over other ports of the Northern and Adriatic Seas basins. It is worth underlining here that in the closing year the Port of Gdynia has beaten its cargo handling records. This gives good grounds to confirm that the development path taken by the Port of Gdynia is well-chosen. The new investment embraces not only the port and infrastructure providing better communication with the centre of Poland. It is also an assessment of environmental and ecological conditions of the basin, where the future External Port will be located – as part of the preparations preceding the ground breaking e.g. an environmental monitoring is being carried out by specialists of the University of Gdansk. Other, equally important research is being done, e.g. related to noise possibly produced by the new port, in order to limit it or even eliminate it in living and office districts. This is of great importance, as in its original assumption the External Port is also “green and smart” – i.e. environmental-friendly.

Some of the important sonar and geotechnical tests have already been partially done. Also, looking for the most effective forms of project financing, PoGa S.A. together with the Maritime Office in Gdynia and in cooperation with the City of Gdynia have filed an application for the financing of the technical specification related to the construction of the External Port.

The central part of the External Port will be a container terminal with the cargo handling capacity of two million TEU – in the first stage. The project also includes an area reserve for subsequent 0.5 million TEU. The External Port will have a 2500-meter-long and 700-meter-wide quay and the maximum size of the container ships handled will be up to 30 thousand TEU (490-meter long and 72-meter wide). They are maximum parameters of ships handled in the future – at present existing only in design studios blueprints. Draught of such vessels is at least 16 meters. The External Port will start at the extension of the Silesian Quay. The new main entrance to the port will be 300-meter wide. The plans also include a LNG terminal that will refuel ships coming to the Port of Gdynia and construction of an LNG electric plant that would provide supplies of this medium to an entire External Port, making it independent from external entities.