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Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

On the 27th January 2014 the signing ceremony of the acquisition by the Port of Gdynia Authority SA of the part of the Guest Quay from the Naval Shipyard was held at the registered office of the Port of Gdynia Authority SA. This agreement is an important element of eliminating navigation restrictions in the Port of Gdynia and offers new development chances for the Port of Gdynia and the Polish economy.

The subject of the agreement signed today is the acquisition by the Port of Gdynia Authority SA from the Naval Shipyard of the ownership of the property forming part of Pier No. 3 (Guest Quay) with a length of 240.25 running metres and surface of 3 361 m2 along with perpetual usufruct right, for a total net amount of approximately PLN 12.7 million.

The purchase of the Guest Quay is a necessary step towards implementing the investment: “Deepening of the Approach Fairway and Internal Water Reservoirs of the Port of Gdynia – Stage I Expansion of Turntable No. 2”, included in the investment plan of the Port of Gdynia Authority SA, adopted for the years 2014-2016. The plan to expand Turntable No. 2 includes demolition of some of the piers, owned by the Naval Shipyard, and moving the floating dock to a different place, as it is one of the main tools allowing the Shipyard to operate. The estimated cost of the building and dredging works, together with the cost of purchasing the Guest Quay, is approximately PLN 11 million. This investment, as part of the project that also includes the deepening of the port areas down to 16 metres, has been submitted for co-funding from EU funds in the period 2014-2016 by the Port of Gdynia Authority SA.

Located in the internal water reservoirs of the Port of Gdynia, Turntables No. 2 and No. 3 allow rotating ships of up to 300 metres long.  There is an urgent need to increase these parameters - to allow the Port of Gdynia to receive container ships servicing direct connections with Asian ports. The navigational analysis showed that the best location for the new turntable is in the line of the Port Canal next to Basin IX (area of the existing Turntable No. 2), in which the hydro-technical structures owned by the Naval Shipyard are located.

Thanks to the purchase, which will allow expanding Turntable No. 2 to the diameter of 480 metres, it will be possible to service ships with the length of 384 metres and capacity of about 12 000 TEU. After completing the investments in infrastructure and technical equipment currently undertaken by the Port Authority and BCT and GCT Gdynia container terminals, the handling capacity of the Port of Gdynia will equal approximately 2 million TEU. It is not much, considering that all available forecasts anticipate that in 2025 container handling will reach 5 million TEU in Gdańsk Bay (with 2 million TEU in 2013). The containers that Port of Gdynia will not be able to handle in Polish ports will be taken over by competitive ports, with loss to the whole Polish economy and Polish budget.

The implementation of the planned investment will increase the competitiveness of the Port of Gdynia and will allow a greater use of its handling potential, whilst ensuring the conditions for growth of the amount of cargo transported by sea, thus contributing to the implementation of the environment-friendly EU transport policy expressed by the slogan: “from road to sea”.

What is important, the sale transaction of part of the Guest Quay and the transfer of the floating dock will not limit the production capacity of the Naval Shipyard. These changes are in fact in line with the process of restructuring the Shipyard’s assets, which is currently underway.