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Port ID:12589 UN Locator:PLGDY
Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

PoGA S.A. has settled tender for the amount of 3,721,449.83 PLN gross within the task “Replacement of the Buffer Line at the Dutch Quay of the Port of Gdynia”. Offer submitted by STRABAG Sp. z o.o. has been selected. The company will have 7 months to complete the commission following contract signing.

Thanks to this investment 400 meters of a new buffer line will be created, which will adapt the Dutch Quay to handle 80,000 DWT ships, doubling its capacity. This is another investment that supports development within the existing infrastructure of the Port of Gdynia. 

“We invest not only in land necessary for strategic investments, but also increase the potential of existing infrastructural resources, thanks to which our partners can receive larger vessels,” says Grzegorz Dyrmo, Vice President of PoGA S.A. The result is a larger income to the state budget, which has grown through taxes and excise duties from cargos transhipped at the Port of Gdynia by 6.57 billion PLN, i.e. 1.87% of the entire state budget execution in 2017.