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Port ID:12589 UN Locator:PLGDY
Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

The sailing jewel in the crown of this year's cruise season at the Port of Gdynia will be MV Mein Schiff 1, which is the largest vessel - 316 m long - that will come to the French Quay in 2018.

Throughout 2018 season, MV Mein Schiff 1 will visit the port in Gdynia six times - it will arrive for the first time on Monday 21 May. MV Mein Schiff 1 was built in 2018 in the Finnish shipyard in Turku for EUR 500 million and is equipped with an energy-saving and eco-friendly engine, thanks to which emissions of harmful substances have been reduced by 30 percent compared to other ships of a similar size. The ship can take almost 2,900 passengers on board, and its crew consists of 1000 people. The first commercial cruise of the ship began on Sunday, 13 May 2018


On 11 May 2018, the Port of Hamburg saw one of the most spectacular baptisms of cruise ships in the word - the naming of the newest TUI Cruises ship, Mein Schiff 1, was celebrated in a spectacular setting. Beach volleyball champions Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst made their debut in the role of godmothers. Mein Schiff 1 was baptised at the berth of Burchardkai Container Terminal, and container gantry cranes also took part in the performance. Over 2,500 people participated in the event. In addition, thousands of people watched TUI Cruises' live coverage on Facebook. A number of celebrities were present on board: football expert Reiner Calmund, former professional gymnast Philipp Boy, Polish gymnast Magdalena Brzeska, presenters Sabine Christiansen, Annabelle Mandeng, Nova Meier Henrich and Ruth Moschner, and actress Natascha Ochsenknech. The MV Mein Schiff 1 baptism ceremony ended with an impressive fireworks show. The baptism of MV Mein Schiff 1 was one of the main events in the celebration of the 829th anniversary of the Port of Hamburg, which took place on 10-13 May 2018.



"It should be emphasised that the Port of Gdynia has the position of the most important and safest Polish passenger port, which for many years has been accepting the largest cruise ships sailing in the Baltic Sea", said Adam Meller, the President of Port of Gdynia Authority SA. "This is proven by visits of cruisers as big as MV Mein Schiff 1. However, we are glad mainly because the ship is calling in to the Port of Gdynia. It is a symbol of recognition for both the state of the port infrastructure and all of the services provided by the port and companies cooperating with us", he added.