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Port of Gdynia’s Strategic Development Plan to 2027

The General Assembly of Shareholders passed a resolution on the 11th of August 2014 to approve the Port of Gdynia’s Strategic Development Plan for the period 2014 to 2027.

This Strategic Development Plan is strictly linked to the EU Financial Programming Periods of 2014-2020 and 2021-2027 and its implementation period will also witness the Port of Gdynia’s 100th anniversary celebrations of establishment. The Strategy proposes development activities that have to be carried out in order to improve the port’s market position in the South Baltic Sea Region.

The Port of Gdynia is currently a modern and universal port that specializes in handling general cargoes, mainly unitized cargoes transported in containers and in the ro-ro system. These services are provided through a network of multimodal transport connections with the hinterland and through short sea shipping and ferry connections.

New technological, ecological and economic demands further changes in the way the port functions. Implementation of the development actions and following the directions  formulated in the Strategic Plan  will enable the Port of Gdynia to maintain its universal character, which will be capable of handling and providing services to the biggest vessels  visiting the Baltic Sea and providing other services as a key node in the Baltic –Adriatic Trans -European Transport Corridor.

Vision of the Port of Gdynia:

“Port of Gdynia as a multimodal and universal port, a logistics node in the North-South Transport Corridor, which is capable of creating and providing value-added services to the market”  

A Vision so formulated categorically declares the future aspirations of the Port of Gdynia and portrays its ambition of remaining a universal port with a strong market brand name and reputation, which is also capable of servicing transit traffic in the North –South relations. The Port of Gdynia also intends to take all necessary measures to become an ocean port, capable of  attracting significant transshipment cargo. Efficiency in operations and high quality services  provided by the Port of Gdynia are aimed at consolidating its market position. The formidable and strong brand name of the port will be the distinguishing factor that will attract more customers.

The Mission Statement of the port so defined is derived from the Vision. The Mission Statement defines the main scopes of activities to be carried out internally in the Port of Gdynia.


Mission Statement of the Port of Gdynia:

“Undertaking consistent and effective actions and measures that will ensure sustainable service sector development of the Port of Gdynia  through continuous port infrastructure development and maintenance, ensuring effective transport access, supporting good market practices, scrupulous corporate social responsibility as well as adhering to the highest safety and environmental protection standards”.

The Mission Statement stresses the necessity to ensure sustainable development of the service sector in the port. It is indispensable to guarantee modern development potential of the port, secure up-to-date technology, adapt port infrastructure to meet current market demands and acquire land for future port and maritime development purposes as well as maintain a high level of efficiency in port operations and increase the capacity for future development investments.  Apart from the above, it is also indispensable to ensure efficient maritime, road and rail access to the port.

 In order to achieve the aims of the port’s mission and the set targets, it is necessary to maintain appropriate relationship and co-operation with the port’s customers, to be constantly aware and take care of the welfare of the society as well as adhering to the highest safety and environmental protection standards.

Analyses of the port’s internal, local and external environment, identification  of weaknesses and strengths  as well as opportunities and threats made it possible to define priority areas of development and devise action plans for the Port of Gdynia to achieve those aims.



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