Pomeranian region - full of mysterious slavic tales - has been a part of european history as the source of amber for Roman Empire. Here the power of Teutonic Knights has rised and also the region has been the place of Solidarity birth.

Many famous artists, scientists and politicians come from th region, among them: Daniel Fahrenheit - after whom the scale of temperature is named, Arthur Schopenhauer - famous philosopher, Lech Wałęsa politician, trade union and human rights activist, Gunter Grass - writer and Nobel Prize winner, Johannes Hevelius - the founder of lunar topography.

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originally led by Lech Wałęsa changed not only Poland's, but also World's history...   is the Pomeranian capital city. With its Gothic churches and Hanseatic market is one of the most visited places in Poland...   established their capital in Malbork, where Europe's largest Gothic fortress can be seen today...   Some amber pieces has inclusions trapped inside. Dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park" come from such pieces...

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